Program Schedule

KKDS-LP is now a fully licensed LPFM station, bringing you 24 hours of eclectic, commercial-free music and programs. If you are interested in hosting a show on KKDS, please see our "Get Involved!" page.

Current Programs

Community Voices:
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am; Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30am
A weekly discussion with members of our community about a number of issues and perspectives.
The Dead Set:
Saturdays from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Greatful Dead classics with Larry Jackson.
The Inkwell:
Saturdays at 9:00am
Interviews, music and local happenings with Tanya.
The Jay and Ray Sports Talk Show:
Fridays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Co-hosts Jason Brown and Ray Hamil break down an assortment of sports topics, both local and national. Ray Hamill brings more than 15 years experience as a print and broadcast journalist, including the past decade covering local Humboldt County sports. Jason Brown is a keen sports enthusiast with experience in broadcast journalism. The show frequently includes a weekly guest.
Local Live:
Wednesdays at 9:00pm and Saturdays at 8:00pm
Open mic performances from local coffee houses.
Sundays at 2:00pm
A 1 hour show with stories from different Native American Nations and from other parts of the Country and World.
Librivox Audio Books - Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad:
Thursdays at 4:00pm
Each week brings a new chapter of Mark Twain's classic work as read by the volunteers at
Mark's on the Mic:
Tuesdays from 9:00pm to midnight
Mark Dupre provides a window in to the wackier side of Humboldt County with music, comedy and on-the-spot questions-of-the-week.
Musically Inclined:
Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Rock out with the Kiman.
The Pickle Head Caye Bar and Grille:
Thursdays from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Larry brings his extensive collection of Tropical-Rock, Reggae, Island, Cajun, Ska, Cubano, Soca, Country, Zydeco and Traditional Caribbean Folk music to the party. Read more...
Pow Wow and More
Thursdays at 8:00pm
Two hours of Native American Pow Wow music and traditional music with some Indian Country news items and the occasional local Native Artists and other Independent Native Artists.
Radio Goethe:
Wednesdays at 3:00pm and Thursdays at 10:00pm
A music show featuring bands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Street Soldiers:
Mondays at 10:00am and Wednesdays at 10:00pm
Coming to us out of San Francisco, Street Soldiers is an Omega Boys Club sponsored, solutions oriented, weekly call-in show for youth, that focuses on the issues of violence, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy and other topics which need attention in the community.
Teen Platform:
Mondays at 5:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00pm
“Teen Platform” features the voices and opinions of the teenage youth throughout Humboldt County. They have many options to express themselves. They can choose to recite poetry, play music, perform a skit that they have written, interview anyone, record any type of community event…basically they can express themselves in any fashion as long as it is positive, educational, and meaningful!
Tripping Over Power Lines:
Sundays at 5:00pm
DJ Derik Rose brings freeform radio: acoustic, R&B, ambient and noise, alternative, hip-hop and rap, forgotten and neglected pop songs, electronic music, and occasional selections from local musicians, as well as other oddities.
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour:
Fridays at 9pm and Sundays at 7pm
Folksinger Michael Johnathon's Live Audience Program on Grassroots, Folk, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass Artists and more.