The Pickle Head Caye Bar and Grille

What started as ‘The Island Show’ is now ‘The Pickle Head Caye Bar and Grille, Dive Locker, Launderette, Tire Repair Center and Bait Shop’! The party’s located at Pirate’s Cove on Pickle Head Caye, and y’all are invited to evenings of Tropical Rock, Reggae, Country, Classic Rock, New Orleans Jazz, Calypso, Zydeco and today’s finest singer-songwriters. Sanity, shoes, and shirts, are reportedly purely optional. Blue Ox Radio (97.7 FM) in Eureka, CA is carrying the party Thursdays and Saturdays from 5PM to 8PM, Pacific Time.

Your host is Larry Jackson, a long-time Parrot Head, producer, DJ, talk show host and announcer who migrated to the fledgling Blue Ox Radio in March of 2007 after retiring from a career in broadcasting and sales.

"It’s like this,” Larry says. “One day you retire; OK, now what?” Some guys, on retiring, get a boat, Harley, or mistress; good for them, but those are all really expensive to obtain and then maintain. I really couldn't afford any of those diversions, at least on a permanent basis, so I was pretty excited to find a radio station to play with. Blue Ox Radio is bare-bones radio that takes me back to my earliest days in broadcasting. This is radio like it used to be; perhaps, like it should be."

Most of Larry's broadcast career took place in San Francisco, where, after a start in 1971 as a producer and DJ over a small beach town cable station south of San Francisco, he went on produce and host public affairs programming for KFRC AM, KQED FM and KEST FM. He also produced for KBSA TV in Hollywood, CA and Theta Cable TV in Santa Monica, CA. and managed KAVA AM in Burney, CA. He also worked at KVIQ TV 6 and KXGO FM in Eureka, CA.

A published author, Larry continues as a writer today, and is reportedly working on what he laughingly calls, ‘The Great American Novel.’

The Pickle Head Bar and Grille, now airing over Blue Ox Radio Thursday and Saturday evenings from five to eight, showcases Larry’s extensive collection of Tropical-Rock, Reggae, Island, Zydeco, Cubano, Country, Classic Rock, and Traditional Caribbean Folk music. Artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, George Strait, Santana, Lenore Troia, Jerry Jeff Walker, Brent Burns, Mark Mulligan, Tropical Steel, Scott Kirby, The Grateful Dead, Bankie Banx, Gator Beat, The Beach Boys, Mac Macanally, Boozoo Chavis, UB 40, Dan Hicks, Jim Morris, Kelly McGuire, Peter Mayer, Little Feat, Alan Jackson, Dr. John, Kenny Chesney, Captain Quint, Latitude, and other top-ranked artists regularly grace the party.

Larry programs the tropical escapism shows from his laid-back Studio Incommunicado, located “ . . . just a little southeast of disorder."