Our New Studio is Up and running!

We did it ~ we are back up and running! It was a daunting task to move the Blue Ox Radio studio. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of a lot of loyal Blue Ox Radio fans ~ we did it!


The “Make Room” crew: Brianna, Blue Ox secretary, Eric Hollenbeck, Blue Ox student Josiah, and Blue Ox School graduate Robert that cleared shelves and moved boxes out of the office that has now become the new studio.

The Paint Crew: Brianna, Larry and Eric ~ we now have fresh creamy white paint on the walls!

The Packing Crew: Larry, Shelley Mitchell and Viviana

The Antenna Crew: Eric, Rob Walkenhauer, Blue Ox’s night watchman John Chillinsky, Josiah, and Robert. They did it all in one afternoon! Great job guys!

Eric, who created a space in the Post Office next to the offices for the transmitter and also ran all the cables and wires over to the new studio.

Paul Litza, Mirth First tenor, and former “lineman for the county”, who ran the phone lines over to the new studio.

Blue Ox Radio’s own “Technical Guru”: Cai Maver who hooked up all the broadcast equipment to get us back broadcasting ~ we were only down for one day!

Ray Hamill and Judd Starks who loaded up and moved the many boxes of CDs and equipment from the old station.

JM Wilkerson that helped get the final equipment from the recording studio sorted out and loaded up.

We will miss our old home at the Blue Ox Community School that served us well for five years, but we are excited about our new larger studio!

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