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Blue Ox Radio Studio to Move

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The Blue Ox Community School Site that has housed the studio will be closing down at the end of this month. The Humboldt county Office of Education that was renting the site has been forced to close down the site due to budget issues. The Community School program will continue to operate with the students being transferred over from the main school campus at Myrtle and 6th Street.

The studio will be moved to the offices at Blue Ox Historic Park. Larry Rochester, Program Director for the station, is looking forward to the larger space and the windows looking over the main woodworking building. It will be a new thing having the studio be “in the middle of things” and more accessible.
The station will be going off air temporarily for a short time. We anticipate having the move completed by the first week in July. Please do feel free to stop by and check out our new “digs”!

Blue Ox Radio Volunteer Elbert Two Ponies Passes

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

We here at Blue Ox Radio are sad to report that Elbert Two Ponies, one of our key volunteers, passed away on Saturday June 2nd of a sudden and massive heart attack. At the station, Elbert was the expert on Sam 4, the computer program that runs our station. In the Native American community, he was a respected spiritual leader and healer. He was known as the Storyteller, for he collected and told stories from the Native American traditions. His show, Legends airs nationally, and there were several prayer circles held for him in various parts of the country.

Elbert was a wise and gentle soul, passionate about the importance of sharing stories, and  sharing his extensive technical knowledge! He will be missed. We send his wife Teresa Whitefeather and their family our prayers.