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Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Blue Ox Radio was well represented at the first ever Community Radio Day hosted by Access Humboldt. It was an exciting day as seven different community radio stations came to discuss ways of working together to better meet the needs of our local community. Access Humboldt, whose primary focus is providing television access for the community, provided the forum and offered their studios and technical assistance for the potential collaborations between the stations. Blue Ox Radio General Manager Viviana Hollenbeck and Blue Ox Radio Program Director Larry Rochester were part of a panel that included all of the stations.(check out the January 30th issue of the Times-Standard for a photo of the event). Blue Ox programmer Charles Douglas served double duty as he is an Access Humboldt volunteer who was called on to film and record the event. (check the Access Humboldt web site for the future airing of the event). Also participating the in the event were Blue Ox DJs David Giarrizzo, and Michael the K, both also Access Humboldt programmers. Blue Ox radio DJ Mark Dupre was also in attendance. Discussions regarded possible collaborations on news programs, real time shows, and sharing of existing programing. All the stations are committed to continuing to network and collaborate together.

The link below tells more about the event.